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Effective & Affordable.

The popular UV White skincare solution.

High quality product from reputable brand in Japan.


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The revolutionary product formulated with the latest functional ingredients that not only removes blemishes, also suppresses the excessive melanin production reaction that causes blemishes.

Prevent active oxygen.

Prevents singlet oxygen (active oxygen) that causes spots on the skin when exposed to UV rays.


It is a component contained in algae such as Haematococcus, and has a strong power to suppress the oxidation reaction of “singlet oxygen.


It is called plant placenta, and its whitening cell activating effect is higher than that of placenta.

Moisturizing the skin

Since it contains a high concentration of ceramide, it enhances moisturizing power and skin barrier function, and improves dry skin and atopic dermatitis.


It prevents skin troubles and supports whitening and beautiful skin.


How to use

●Take an appropriate amount and spread it carefully, focusing on areas of concern such as stains and dullness.

●Use Ceraquinone Cream at night after washing your face and toning your skin with lotion.

●Apply under foundation during the daytime. Applying a thick layer of foundation will protect against UV rays.


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